Peace And Quiet In South Yorkshire

I have decamped to my parents house for a quick couple of days. My poor old Mum (dont tell her I called her old!) fell and broke her clavicle a few days ago. As she plays the waiting game with Doctors and Operating Lists (pins and a plate are a must to heal this one apparently) I have volunteered myself as Chief Dog Feeder and Master of Cups of Tea. The plus side, is that, I am, for a brief two days, without children. They had jobs to do in Edinburgh and have stayed north of the border with Dave.

There isnt really much I can do (many many cups of tea have been made and drunk), but my sister and I did cook a weeks worth of food this morning so Dad didnt have to do the honours!

All I managed to bring was a little bit of crochet, that really isnt worth telling you about, so, instead, I took some pictures. Enjoy.

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Joseph And His Monster

Occasionally, just occasionally – Joseph and I have a crafty afternoon. We bake cakes and make things with Hama beads. They are our special little times when Samuel is sleeping and we do the things that the smallest person cant do.

One afternoon, Joseph had been sitting very quietly, very thoughtfully, drawing a monster. And a mightly fine monster it was too!

He then asked, oh so very nicely, if we could make the monster real!!!

“oh, er, um” say I, alittle taken aback. Joseph then explained that he wanted to get out my sewing box and machine, and sew the monster out of material.

“ah!” says I, “that we can do!”

And so we did. A few design modifications along the line as Joseph though a hand puppet would be better, and buttons would add interest, and Voila! a monster was indeed Made Real on a windy thursday afternoon!

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A Very Royal Occasion

29th April was a big day. Samuel and I went to a Tea Party of Much Fabulousness! We were supposed to be watching a couple of people get married on the TV, but, truly, it was an excuse for cake and bubbly wine at 11am! I volunteered my bunting making services. Something for the occasion, but that can be used all year round – for any party we can find an excuse for!

I also feel I just Have to show you the cakes. Sadly, not quite my area of expertise (yet – although I do practise) but these were made by my lovely friend Anne (who was hosting the party).

Arent they just fantastic?

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Monthly Make – April

This baby quilt project had been hanging around since well before Christmas, but it was April before I finally managed to get it finished. I was So Pleased with the results (especially as it had been a trial to make – involving lots of unpicking and use of sweary words!)

It is a gift, from my my mum to her friends son and daughter-in-law, as they are expecting their first baby. I do hope they like it.

It was also the first opportunity I had to use the Planetanna tags that Dave bought me for Christmas.

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Monthly Make – March

Catching up – slowly!

Here is my March offering  – I was quicker than I thought to knit this little guy and get him stuffed and into the loving arms of Joseph. (who then promptly discarded him in favour of something more exciting no doubt!)

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Monthly Make – February

Wow – I am so behind in my blogging!  Many apologies, I will try to be better!

So, February was an easy month to make something, as I went along with Kate to a Mosaic night at Kiss The Fish, a local crafty shop. It was coming up to valentines day and I must have been more inspired by the occasion than I normally am! I was rather pleased with the result, although, I have to confess, mosaic making isn’t my most favorite craft!

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Monthly Make – January

After finding a wonderful blog called The Felt Fairy, I have been inspired to join in with the Monthly Make. I have no real plan for this, but maybe I will end up with a small collection of birthday gifts and Christmas presents.  Maybe I will be able to look back and wonder what moment of madness possessed me to take on something else!!

Here is my January offering. Isnt he a cutie?

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A New Year – A New Me?

So, as previously mentioned, I’m not doing a list – I am busy enough without adding an extra 101!

But, I do have a goal. I want to be better (yes, I should be aiming for Bigger, Badder, Awesome etc). But actually, as a person, wife, mother and professional, I want to be better. I want to succeed, without any regrets. Setting the bad too high you say? moi? surely not!

I treated myself to a Kindle after Christmas. They are this years must have gadget apparently – and boy do I love it! I haven’t really read too much on it yet – as I promised myself I would finish my ‘proper’ book first, but I did download Mrs Beatsons Book of Household Management. Its an amusing read – and I think I have been more inspired than I really thought I would! I have only read the first couple of chapters, so I mostly know how to treat my servants, but some of it does seem to have sunk in!

So, I am trying to do more exercise. I have been swimming a couple of times and I plan to do more. My house is cleaner than it has been in a while (although there is still an awful lot of decluttering to get through!). We are all eating better and I am cooking more proper food (including a new recipe today – apple and fudge muffins – fantastic!).

I have also, for the first time in a YEAR – straightened my hair. Its a small step I know – but, I am trying!! According to Mrs Beatson – the Mistress of the house should be well presented and seen to be in control in every eventuality. (Dave was most amused to hear I was his mistress!).

Back to being better, I have also started a new job. Its a big step into a speciality and the learning curve will be a steep one – but interesting (fingers crossed!). The change in lifestyle for all of us, brought about by the change in my job and my hours of work has been amazing – in fact – it might just be Awesome!

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Slow And Steady Makes A Blanket.

So, months and months ago, I Bought The Wool, and blogged about it. Then I spent some time pondering, and squishing the wool, and pondering some more.

Its very much a labour of love and has grown so much that it is no longer a nice little portable project.  But, as a tempting little update……

Its no where near completion (maybe by next winter?) but its a lovely project to be working on whilst the temperatures are below zero!

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New Year – More Effort!

Last year I started this blog with The Greatest Intentions.

That didn’t quite happen. I tried – but Life, The Universe and Everything Else got in the way.

So, now its 2011. January. Its the time of year when people make new years resolutions, or, in my group of close friends, its the time of year when people make lists.

Dave started it, so, apparently, he is the Muse of the group! Next was Sarah, and then Kate (although her list isnt quite “live” yet).

However, I’m not going to do a list. I dont want the pressure of 101 things I Should Be Doing when all I want to do is nothing, or something else. So all I have are dreams. Images of tasks I would like to complete, but, as usual, its a very fluid idea, that changes and grows as I do, (and changes as I forget what I had planned!!!)

Back to 2011, we have a few plans (well, Dave has at least 101!) I have a couple of ideas.

However,  three things are certain.

It will be BIGGER.

It will be BADDER.

It will be AWESOME.

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